Origins of Amber

Amber is one of the oldest artifacts and has been in existence since Prehistoric times. The Ancient Greeks referred to amber as "elektron" and believed it to be a drop from the sun and was greatly prized. Often confused as a mineral or a gemstone, amber is actually hardened resin that has oozed down from trees, at times trapping seeds, leaves, feathers or insects in them. Amber serves as a physical record of time, where certain things in this world are ephemeral, amber is everlasting--a hardened, honey-colored golden stone. Sometimes referred to as "the burning stone" amber is believed to have many healing properties. Ancient doctors used amber to cure headaches, joint pain, heart problems and other various ailments. To early Christians, amber served as a symbol of God. Ancient Asian cultures sought out amber for its courageous symbolism. With millions of years in the making, amber continues to be used for its ability to heal, bring one luck, and promote positivity and success.

It is because of these wonderful qualities that we, at Esther Arts, have chosen this ancient material as the source of our creativity. By using beautiful artworks as our source imagery and reinterpreting them in a unique way, we believe we are creating one of a kind art pieces that will last a lifetime because in essence--amber has existed for many lifetimes.


History of amber

Amber stirs the soul, delights the eye, warms the heart and excites the world's scientific imagination. Amber, an organic plastic, has the unique & singular ability to encompass and preserve the organic materials it encounters, like the the proverbial fly trapped in honey. Baltic amber is approximately 40-60 million years old and was held dear by many ancient cultures, treasured both for protective & decorative qualities. In modern western times, the movie Jurassic Park caused a surge of popular interest in this gemstone. However, amber has long commanded the hearts and minds of humans--in fact, it has commanded whole economies...